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    Mold Inspection

    Mold Inspection in West Palm Beach, FL 

    Looking for mold inspection in West Palm Beach? Well, your search ends here!

    First American Home Inspections provides mold testing and deep inspection. Available on all days of the week, we can handle all your mold-related emergencies and their quick remediation.

    Mold formation can begin anywhere, most of the time it is not even visible to residents of the property. It can be within a wall, behind the furniture, or even in the attic. Hence, a team led by experts is needed for its careful removal.

    At First American Home Inspections, we aim at providing the best Mold Inspection service to ensure you are living in a safe environment as mold can have serious health impacts on the occupants of the property.

    Our Mold Inspection Includes 

    • Deep testing of all the surfaces and also the air around the house. 
    • Conducting indoor allergen testing
    • Moisture testing
    •  Lab testing of the mold samples taken
    • Providing a detailed report on the findings from the lab
    • Suggestions on remediation, if needed

    Mold growth is a common problem that can have serious health impacts like respiratory ailments etc. It can make the environment non-conducive to living. It can sometimes lead to a musty odor that can be highly unpleasant.

    Our skilled experts ensure that no mold bacteria remain on the property after the cleaning service is done. The professionals at First American Home Inspection do not stop till they are satisfied with the work done.

     Why Choose Us for Mold Inspection in West Palm Beach?

    •  A team of professionals: Our team is a bunch of certified inspection experts, they are highly skilled and have completed their training programs as well. They are experienced professionals who have been in this job for years. So yes, they know what they are doing!
    • Protocol Development: A key aspect of mold inspection and remediation is the development of a protocol. That requires the identification of areas that need remediation and the direction on how to successfully achieve that. To adhere to these protocols, we need a team of experienced professionals and yes, we are just that!
    • Inspection process: We follow a stringent inspection process whereby an inspector visits the home, spots the presence of mold, and makes a detailed report.
    •  All-inclusive reports: We provide comprehensive reports to all the clients mentioning every minute detail observed during the inspection process to better address the issues in the property.

    We are located at 515 N Flager Drive, Suite P-300, West Palm Beach, Fl 33401.

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