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    Permanent Foundations Certification

    Permanent Foundations Certification in West Palm Beach, FL 

    A  Permanent foundation certificate is a document that certifies your home meets the local HUD/FHA guidelines. By that we mean:

    • The home is perfectly and permanently tied down
    • The home would not float off its foundation or the basement
    • The drainage is in perfect working condition and will not flood the basement

    If everything complies with the set guidelines, the inspector issues a certificate that says your house is on a solid foundation without any requirement for repairs. So, if you are looking for permanent Foundation Certification in West Palm Beach, feel free to contact us as we are just a call away! Connect with us to know more about the certificate in detail.

    What is the need for Permanent Foundations Certification / HUD Compliance Certification?

    The inspector will be looking for majorly 3 things that tell us why we need Permanent Foundation Certificate:

    • It will confirm that the house has an adequate load path and it will not fall off or float off the structure’s foundation. This will ensure its safety. It means that the foundation is present, permanent, and highly functional.
    • The engineer will check the additions to the manufactured home, the structure should not be used as support rather the attachments should be mechanically closed.
    • The manufactured house should be present at its original address, which means it should not be moved as it disturbs the structural and construction quality of the house.

    Providing this certificate can be added as a part of the home inspection service. We understand how important it is to get your home inspected by a team of professionals and here at First American Home Inspections, our aim is to satisfy our clients by letting them know about potential risks and hazards.

    Why Choose Us for Permanent Foundations Certification in West Palm Beach?

    • First American Home Inspections is a team of certified inspection experts who provide quality assurance in their services. They are well trained in their areas of expertise and thoroughly know how to conduct the inspection process from beginning to end.
    • We provide services at affordable rates
    • We guarantee 200% satisfaction for home inspection services
    • We provide a detailed report on the same day of completion of the process
    • Also, We are running a special discount known as the heroes discount that is applicable for Police, First Responders, and Active Military personnel.
    • Scheduling an appointment is a very easy process. We are just a call away.

    Now that you have a plethora of reasons to choose us, make that decision quickly and reach out to us at the earliest (561) 971-5330, info@firstinspect.net.



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