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    Pre-Listing Inspections

    Prelisting Inspection In West Palm Beach, FL

    A pre-listing inspection is where the seller gets the entire property inspected before putting it on sale.

    First American Home Inspections offers Pre-listing inspections in the West Palm Beach area. Our home inspectors will thoroughly examine the house and let you know the potential problems that may affect the sale. Before the buyer becomes aware of the issues, it’s better if you as a seller know the defects in the structure and are aware of the repairs needed so that you can fix them up and get a better value for the property in West Palm Beach.

    Pre-listing inspections can speed up the selling process as buyers will be more inclined to close the deal if you provide them with an inspection report.

    Our Pre-Listing Inspections Includes

    Our pre-listing inspections include examination of the following key components in the house:

    • Outside yard
    • Structure of the house
    • Exterior surfaces
    • Windows, doors, and wood trim
    • Roof
    • Swimming pool
    • Attic
    • Kitchen
    • Bathrooms
    • Crawl space
    • Plumbing system
    • Electrical system
    • Heating/Cooling System

    Having a pre-listing inspection will put you in a strong position as a seller. It ensures that the buyer doesn’t use a defect as a bargaining chip to lower the price.

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    Why Choose Us for Pre-Listing Inspections In West Palm Beach?

    Well trained professionals-
    Our in-house home inspectors are well trained and do not leave any room for complaints. They’ve got the skills to identify major issues during the inspection.

    Easy inspection process-
    Our inspection process is straightforward. Our home inspectors will come to your place and thoroughly inspect every nook and corner as part of our pre-listing inspections.

    Same-Day Reports-
    We provide reports immediately so that you can close the deal faster.

    Excellent inspection-
    We provide excellent inspection services at a reasonable price.

    Contact us today for Pre-listing inspections in Boca Raton. We operate in Royal Palm Beach and West Palm Beach Gardens in Palm Beach County.



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